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Monday, June 29, 2009

June- Trader Joe's Suggestions

Goddess Dressing - Dressing Section
A delicious salad dressing with a slightly Asian flair. It includes hints of sesame and tahini. One of my all time Trader Joe's favorites.

Roasted Potatoes-Frozen Section
Absolutely scrumptious, any time of day! It is a bag of cut up potatoes with a packet of onions and green, red, and yellow peppers. They can be a side for dinner or serve as hash browns for breakfast and already have flavor without adding seasoning.

My favorite thing to do with the potatoes is top them with 2 over medium eggs and sprinkle cheddar cheese over the dish.

Hummus- Refrigerated Section
Trader Joe's has bevy of flavors of hummus. The two that I am most partial to are Edamame hummus and White Bean hummus. The texture and flavor of these two are slightly different than regular hummus. It is refreshing to a seasoned hummus conosier.

*Tip: Trader Joe's has inexpensive fresh and dried herbs.

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