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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maryland Blue Crabs

Any Marylander knows that blue crabs are the highlight of summer cuisine. My Aunt cooks her crabs in crab salt and beer and there's nothing better. My cousin makes a special sauce to dip the crab meat in, I still don't know the recipe to this day.

I have fond memories of being 7 and learning how to eat a crab on my own and comparing the volume of crab meat I fished out to that of my relatives.

MMMM...Happy Picking!

May- Trader Joe's Suggestions

Penne Arrabiatta- Frozen Section
It's a bag of penne pasta and spicy arrabiatta tomato sauce. It is delicious and easy to add to. I recently added kielbasa to it and my boyfriend and I loved it. Next time I'll add chicken and report back on the outcome!

Chimichurri Rice- Frozen Section
I had never heard of chimichurri seasoning until I had this. It's tangy and spicy with hints of Mexican and Indian cuisine, an excellent side dish. 

Trader Joe's Eggs
Check them out, I've found that they are less expensive than grocery store eggs.